What to Expect

First a warm welcome awaits all those who come on a Sunday. If you are visiting and looking for a church to belong or are simply curious as to what happens you are welcome. You are invited to stay for the duration of the meeting but if at any point you wish to leave that’s fine too.

A Family Church…

We are a family church so we take into consideration the needs of all ages including small children and busy parents. With this in mind we provide a creche for ages 0-3 and a sunday school for ages 4-12. Both of these programmes are run during the meeting in adjoining rooms. Our purpose is two fold:
(a) we think it’s important for everyone to hear the story of the Bible explained in a fun way but at a level they understand and
(b) we want to provide an atmosphere where the adults can listen and take part without the distraction of little ones!

After about fifteen minutes the toddlers and children leave for their own programmes under careful and caring supervision.

…relating to God….

Primarily our meeting together is based around our relationship with God. We listen to God speaking to us as we read the Bible and we talk to God as we pray. Through the Bible God speaks to us about himself, ourselves and our world, so during our time together someone will read a section of the bible and then someone, usually the Pastor, will explain and apply it to our lives in a relevant and practical way. This normally lasts for about 20 minutes. Through prayer we can talk to God so during our time together we take time to ask God for his help in our world, our country and in our lives. Praying is a wonderful privilege and the Bible likens it to a child talking to a loving, caring and generous Father. Through prayer we have access to the God who made and rules our world.
During our meeting we sing both traditional and contemporary songs. Just as people sing songs in support and praise of there favorite football or soccer team so through song we give thanks to God for who he is and what he has done. But our singing is not only directed to God it is also directed towards each other! Through the songs we encourage and remind each other about God’s love and generosity towards us.

…relating to each other…

Secondly our meeting together is based around our relationships with each other. We meet to encourage each other as we remember what Jesus has done for us and in our informal chat over tea and coffee.
The Bible gives us the command using the visual aid of the bread and wine to remember the death of the Lord Jesus. This is called The Lord’s Supper (The Eucharist). During this time people who love God are encouraged to take part by sharing in this supper and to read something from the bible or pray for others as we remember the forgivness we receive and the relationship we enjoy with God because of Jesus’ death for us.
Then over tea and coffee we chat informally as together we aim to care for, support and encourage one another. During the tea and coffee time the toddlers and children rejoin the adults.

As part of our time together we take up an offering. This is not demanded by some hierarchy, nor is any amount specified but is provided at the request of those who wish to give. Those who are visiting are not put under any pressure to give at all. Primarily it for those who meet on a regular basis. The money that is offering goes towards the work of the Church.

A typical Sunday Morning meeting would run as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Singing
  • Children Leave for Creche/Sunday School
  • Prayer Time
  • Reading & Teaching from the Bible
  • Tea & Coffee