Obama’s Great Lie! “Is féidir linn”

Inspiring, sensational, momentous were words used to describe Barack Obama’s speech to the people of Ireland in College Green. One said it was like a ‘huge weight lifted off our shoulders’ another ‘it has given us a renewed vision’. Certainly Obama is an inspirational speaker and he has the capacity to not only create vision but make it sound possible. With great enthusiasm the President of America reminded the Irish people of their great courage and ability to fight through hard times. “We’re people, who never stop imagining a brighter future, even in bitter times. We’re people who make that future happen through hard work, and through sacrifice, through investing in those things that matter most, like family and community.” To great applause Obama added: “I know it’s a hard road, but it’s one that the Irish people are more than up to the task in achieving”. It was a welcome message, and considering all we have faced over the last two years it inspired hope and encouraged us to dream our dreams to make Ireland better. And with his Cúpla Focail Obama raised his arms to the crowd;”Is féidir linn” (Yes we can!)
And that is the Big Lie. The history of the world has proved that mankind can’t. Ever since Man walked the earth we have tried to make things better. With every war and every economic collapse we turn yet again to ourselves with great resolve and whisper to each other: “Is féidir linn” (Yes we can!). But the reality is we can’t and Obama’s words are as hollow as ‘Bob the Builders, Yes we can!!’ Once again we have fallen for the great lie that we can do it. But isn’t that the mistake that has been made right from the beginning? Throughout the history of the world we have placed ourselves at the center, we have become ‘god’, and we continue to sound the mantra ‘Yes we can’. When will we learn that we simply can’t. If we want to see true and lasting change then we must change. We must put God back in the center where he deserves to be and we need to re-orientate our lives around him. To admit that we can’t and let God rule our lives is to bring about the world we all desire, a world of peace and prosperity – paradise itself.

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  1. Several years ago, I met wonderful people from your church who truly exemplify the body of Christ. Maria and Rob McClenahan, Sandra Tulley, and Brendan and Evelyn. I ran across your website in my Favorites tab and read this blog. Being from America, I agree that our president thinks We can, but the only way America, or Ireland, or any place on earth, Can…..is through the power of the Holy Spirit. I will continue to read the blog and stay in touch. Maybe someday the Lord will allow me to come back and this time, I will visit your congregation. Keep telling the truth and the Good news of Jesus Christ!!!

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