Exploring Christianity – The Prodgial God

“One son kept the rules religiously. One son broke them all.
One father loved them both beyond anything they could ever
imagine. The Prodigal God is a dramatic teaching film, sermon
series and group study resource based on Jesus’ great parable –
The Prodigal Son.”

Starting on Wednesday 6th April 2011 at Carrigaline Baptist Church is an exciting overview of the message of Jesus Christ as told through the familiar story we know as “The Prodigal Son”.  What we often assume as a story about one son is actually the tale of two sons and the love of a father.  Through this story we invite you to find out about the real message of Christianity, one that is for both those that “have religion” and those that don’t.  For a taste of this DVD based study check out the video below.


Trailer for The Prodigal God from Redeemer City to City on Vimeo.

Join us in rediscovering the heart of the Christian faith.

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